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Halloween Advertising Agency - You're solution to advertising Halloween on the Internet.

halloween marketingWhether your company is just getting started on the Internet, or has been providing Halloween products or services for many years, the choices you make in your marketing plan is critical to the success of your business.

The Halloween Advertising Agency offers extensive Internet based marketing experience that enables us to provide your company with realistic advertising solutions that are very flexible, allowing even small businesses to afford highly targeted exposure.

Targeting your market is extremely important. Consumers are much more likely to make a purchase when the advertised product is on a relevant site. As an example, a potential buyer would be more likely to click on a toaster ad if it is displayed on a kitchen appliance web site. This holds true to Halloween products advertised on a "Halloween" related site.

We combine marketing expertise, art and innovative cutting-edge technology to provide your company with a distinct competitive edge.

Our staff can help you plan and implement a common-sense Halloween advertising campaign of just about any scale and budget with high efficiency, that will not only save you money, but your time. You've built your business, so let us tell your story!

While we have a regular inventory of Halloween marketing programs, we develop every campaign as a customized solution for each client based on their specific needs.


Halloween Domain Names for Sale!

Whether you are building a completely new commercial web site, creating support sites for your primary online business or building content delivery sites as marketing venues to promote your Halloween related products and/or services, choosing the right domain names is extremely important.

The online Halloween marketplace has become extremely competitive and finding just the right domain name suitable for promoting a commercial online store or as an advertising venue is very difficult, the best domain names are either taken or unreasonably high priced. We list Halloween targeted domain names at reasonable prices.

Domain List Effective August 1st 2016
All listings are at set prices.

adulthalloweencostumes.com $15,500.00
elviracostume.com $  5,500.00
costumesforkids.com $  1,600.00
addamsfamilycostume.com $  1,500.00
halloweencostumeparty.com $  3,500.00
halloweencostumeshops.com $  1,000.00
fogmachinestore.com $  4,500.00
halloweenfogmachines.com $  1,600.00
halloweenblacklight.com $  1,600.00
halloweenlasvegas.com $  4,800.00
hauntedlasvegas.com $  4,800.00
hauntedhouselist.com $  1,600.00
halloweenvillage.com $  1,200.00
halloweengirls.com $  1,600.00
halloween101.com $  1,000.00
halloweenscaryideas.com $  1,000.00
yardhaunter.com $  1,000.00
garagehaunter.com $  1,000.00
halloweenfonts.com $  1,500.00
pumpkincarvingtools.com $  2,500.00
pumpkincarvingkit.com $  2,500.00
pumpkincarvingkits.com $  2,500.00

If you wish to purchase a domain name, please call us at 775-513-2634
or email us your contact information at

Domain Name
We except payment in the form of a business check, cashier's check, escrow service or a bank-to-bank transfer of funds. Once we receive your payment and it has cleared, we will transfer ownership of the domain name to the account of your preferred domain registrar.

Price does not include any escrow fees should the buyer desire escrow funds transfer. Business check's are held for a minimum of ten business days.

Domain Name Transfer
We use Dotster (dotster.com) as our registrar. Transfer between two Dotster accounts is instantaneous. Transferring to a different registrar can take as long as two weeks or more to complete. Even if you don't use Dotster as your primary registrar, you can create an account with them and then we would make the transfer to your Dotster account once the purchase was complete. It's the easiest and quickest way.

Listed prices for all domain names are for the purchase of the "domain name" only and do not include any web site content and/or images that may be present. Listed domain names and prices are subject to change without notice.

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